Five Eco-Friendly Insta Accounts You Should FOLLOW

Posted by Lauren Oswald on Aug 8, 2018 2:34:58 PM

In a world where we are bombarded with countless bits and pieces of the advice on how to live an eco-friendly lifestyle, we can often become overwhelmed. This can leave it to lose motivation, preventing us from becoming the change we want to see in others. To give you some guidance, we’ve compiled a list of some of our fave environmentally conscious influencers that you can follow on Insta!

  1. @zerowastehome

Bea Johnson is the founder of the zero waste lifestyle movement and bestselling author of the book Zero Waste Home. Bea’s wholesome feed will show you just how fulfilling it can be to live a zero waste lifestyle and absolutely love it!



  1.  @thegirlgonegreen
    Dreaming of a zero waste vacay in the Philippines? Manuela Brown is about to give you some serious FOMO as she promotes her wholesome life in pictures.



  1. @bezerowastegirl
    Founder of Be Zero and a total eco-guru, Andrea Saunders leads the ultimate sustainable lifestyle that we totally adore. Sharing regular tips and tricks to help you make a change, Andrea is one of our fave Insta picks!



  1. @tollydollyposh
    Want the lowdown on ethical fashion? Tolmeia Gregory shares all the information you need to stay in the eco-loop and with a super fresh style, we’re absolutely in love!



  1. @sustainableedit
    What could be better than an eco-friendly fashionista from Scotland? Jen Brownlie’s Insta feed is all about how to become the perfect mix of sustainable, feminine, and fun-loving with a regular showcase of candid pics that will leave you in awe!



Want to know more? Take a look at their feeds!

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