Is Being a Tree-Hugger Really that Bad?

Posted by Lauren Oswald on Oct 5, 2018 12:55:12 PM


Love being outdoors? How about going for a relaxed walk in the park on a Sunday morning? There’s nothing quite like a bit of fresh air and a beautiful view to get us ready for the day, but what you might not know is that this innate feeling we receive from nature is known as Biophilia - a term coined by Edward Wilson in 1984.

Literally meaning “love of life,” Biophilia refers to the way humans are naturally drawn to living things such as plants and animals! Biophilia has proven to lower anxiety and blood pressure, as well as increase concentration.

Research has shown that patients in hospitals have also experienced lower stress levels when there is a plant present in their room, and plants even decreased their reliance on painkillers - not to mention plants purify the air we breathe.

Here’s how you can reap the benefits of Biophilia in your everyday life;

  • Go for a walk
    Set your alarm just half an hour earlier in the morning to give yourself time to get outdoors. Or if waking up early isn’t your cup of tea, plan a day with your friends or family to do a coastal walk. Time to get one-on-one with nature and get that step count up!
  • Bring a plant to work
    We don’t mean keep one in your bag to carry around everyday, but placing one on your desk will help you get the most out of your day.
  • Eat lunch outside
    Feel the effects of Biophilia simply by eating lunch outside. Grab a picnic blanket, head to the park, and embrace the time outdoors.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time to get amongst nature.

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