Plogging: Your New Favourite Exercise

Posted by Bianca Neal-Shaw on Jan 21, 2019 3:54:10 PM


Australia is blessed with amazing beaches, national parks and nature trails. Unfortunately, rubbish is often littered in our beautiful scenery, becoming detrimental to our native flora and fauna. Common litter items include cigarette butts, chewing gum, takeaway food packaging, drink bottles and plastics. With approximately 7.2 billion cigarette butts littered in Australia each year, many Aussies have become integrating 'Plogging' into their daily routines. A fabulous world fitness trend, it's a combination of 'jogging' and 'picking up' rubbish. Become one of the many Aussies cleaning up their neighbourhood, one jog at a time.


Here are 3 reasons why #plogging will be your new favourite exercise.



1. Anyone can do it.

Plogging is super easy to start and can be done anyone. Using your hands or even a discarded plastic bag along your journey, you can start filling up. Start the trend with a friend, family members or your running group!




Did you know plogging activates a wide range of non-running muscle movement patterns? When picking up rubbish and jogging along the way, you are bending over, twisting, stopping and starting, diversifying your movements!




3. You feel better physically and mentally.

By plogging, you can simultaneously build up your cardio fitness and feel great inside knowing you are helping your environment. It's a good deed for your body, brain, environment and your neighbourhood!




What are you waiting for Aussies?

Next time you are jogging down to your local beach, along a nature trail or through your neighbourhood, #getplogging!



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