Simple ways that being eco-friendly can aid your health

Posted by Lauren Oswald on Jul 30, 2018 4:58:28 PM




Becoming more eco-friendly isn’t just great for the environment, but it can also do wonders for our health. Making eco-friendly choices has been proven to boost our health in simple ways that really make a difference and here’s how!

Commute Less
Cars, trucks, and other vehicles are largely responsible for polluting the air we breathe, causing around 3,000 premature deaths in Australia every year. Riding a bike, using public transport, or living closer to work are great ways to make changes to the environment and improve our health. Research has shown that long commutes are bad for your mental health, cholesterol, and blood pressure. One study also found that those who commute at least 45 minutes are 40 percent more likely to break up or divorce from their partner.

Start Gardening
Planting more trees and plants is beneficial for the environment as it improves our air quality and provides homes for animals and insects, but it has also been proven that gardening is an extremely relaxing activity for humans. As people, we have a natural affiliation with nature, so gardening is great for our mental health and stress levels. Bonus points for those who grow their own fruit and veg to put on the dinner table!

Take Shorter Showers
Reducing the amount of water you use is a simple way to help take care of our environment, but better yet, it’s also beneficial to your skin, hair, and overall appearance. Hot water is detrimental to your skin, drying it out every time you turn the heat up. Cool showers are better at boosting your energy, tightening your hair cuticles and closing your pores, giving you a healthier appearance overall.

So what are you waiting for? Try these simple changes in your weekly routine.

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