The 'Marie Kondo' Approach

Posted by Mackenzie Anderson on Feb 15, 2019 12:18:16 PM

If you haven’t already (and I strongly advise that you do), 'Tidying Up With Marie Kondo' should be at the top of your “watch” list on Netflix. Starting off as a best-selling book, Marie Kondo’s lifestyle and interior know-how has become a cultural phenomenon--challenging the notions of excessive hoarding.

The KonMari method as it’s called, centres around a particular method of radically decluttering a home or office space by a rigid organisational method. Arguably, this method isn’t for everyone. If you’re in the market for a new approach to decluttering your space however, let us explain exactly how you can ‘Marie Kondo’ your wardrobe according to her innovative organisation method.

There are two parts: discarding and organising, and discarding must be done first.

Create a method to the madness

Marie Kondo believes in breaking down the decluttering process. She believes in organising the clutter into smaller categories, rather than going room to room and not really getting anywhere. Kondo's theory is that the more you can get rid of, the easier it is to tidy up.

Although 'clothing' in itself is a category, you can further simplify this into items like 'dresses', 'tops', 'shoes', etc, making clear sections and making the organising process easier to tackle.

Once you have your categories, you need to gather all of the items that fall into that bracket and simply chuck them in a big pile on the floor. This may just seem like all you're doing is creating more mess but there is a method to the chaos.


Does it spark joy?

The method she speaks of, is that by throwing everything together, you can see exactly how much stuff you really have. This brings us to the integral part of the process-- picking every item up individually and seeing whether or not it ‘sparks joy’. Yes? Keep it. No? Discard it.

Whether you decide to keep your severely dated flannel shirt or not, don't forget to thank each of your discarded items for their service before trashing them. It's the Marie Kondo way!

Cut the emotional connection

We’re all familiar with getting too caught up when cleaning a bedroom, and being overwhelmed with nostalgic memories that result in us keeping everything from the neck pillow you wore on the plane to Europe in year 10, to the So Fresh CDs you pumped in the early 2000’s. When approaching your entire wardrobe, it can be easy to get too caught up in sentimentality. Try to keep it professional. Although your clothes and accessories still need to "spark joy", don't let childhood memories cloud your judgement.

d90186c3cffea199c3aac896f1c994a5The revolutionary folding technique

The KonMari folding technique is something that you'll wish you had known during all of those emotional wardrobe cleaning sessions during high school. Clothing must not only “spark joy,” but be folded in a specific manner.

Kondo's method is very very different. Not only does it involve vertically folding garments so that they stand up unaided but it also ensures you're able to see each and every thing in your drawer without having to lift a finger. Watch a little how-to here!

Rise to the right

Kondo also isn't a fan of traditional hanging techniques. Instead, she tells fans to hang clothes so that they rise to the right. This basically means hanging all your heaviest items (those that are long in length, dark in colour, or thick in fabric) at the left side of your wardrobe and the lighter pieces at the right. Kondo favours “ultimate simplicity” in storage. These include the guideline that like items should be stored together and storage areas should not be scattered!



A few key takeaways when it comes to approaching the process centre around mindset.

Kondo describes how to declutter your house physically, but she says her tidying technique enables her clients to acquire the mindset needed to stay tidy forever rather than just doing a big clutter dump once a week or once a month. “Putting things away,” she writes, “creates the illusion that the clutter problem has been solved.”

Does the KonMari approach sound like something you need to adopt into your life? Let us help you kick-start your wardrobe cleanse.

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