Posted by Mackenzie Anderson on Feb 14, 2019 3:59:21 PM

Is it just us, or does it suddenly feel like less is so much more?

The process of tackling a severely hoarded wardrobe can sometimes seem overwhelming and too big a task to digest. When approaching the decluttering process, you should harness it as an opportunity to shape and narrow down your own personal style (plus it gives you an opportunity to free up a tonne of space). Keep in mind that an organised space is reflective of an organised and clear mind.

Our main tip is: Aim for a capsule wardrobe.

A capsule wardrobe is practically a mini wardrobe made up of really versatile pieces that you totally love to wear and utilise most weeks. A capsule wardrobe should be moulded and refined to really suit and compliment your personal style. They represent more time, more money and more energy from the things in life that matter (aka not your unwanted clothes.)

When it comes to narrowing down a wardrobe, there are a few handy tips to keep in mind to avoid hoarding and wasting.


Start from scratch

Go back to basics and take everything out of your wardrobe so you can have a full view of what you’re dealing with. As a base, stick to neutrals and denim as a solid foundation of basics, and then build from there. An easy way to accomplish the initial clean-out effectively is to:

  1. Place all the clothing items on your bed or lay them out somewhere so you can see them.
  2. Identify the items that don’t fit you properly or are not wearable for you for any reason, such as stains or wear and tear.
  3. Place these items into a “throw away” or “donate” pile.

During the initial stages of the clean-out, go with your gut reaction to the clothing items you are looking at. If they don’t jump out at you, it’s time to let go of them.


When was the last time you wore it?

Adopt the 3 month mindset. If you haven’t worn it or reached for it in the past 3 months-donate it. Stop being a hoarder. It can be tempting to hold on to specific pieces for “just in case” scenarios. However, this can lead you on a slippery slope of keeping clothing items that will just take up space in your closet but you won’t wear again.

Staples, staples, staples

Have a good quality, versatile staple of every clothing group (dresses, skirt, jeans, pants, jacket, button down tops etc).

Invest in timeless pieces you can wear over and over again in an array of different ways. Consider, splurging on 1 or 2 pairs of good jeans. Levi’s and Re-Done are great brands that are also conscious and practice sustainability.

Is it reflective of your personal style? Does it make you happy?

When you clean out your closet, it is the perfect time to get rid of the items that no longer suit you or serve your personal style. This will allow you more space and the opportunity to develop your true personal style with pieces that suit your personality and growth. Above all, keep pieces of clothing that bring you joy when you wear them, and items that make you ooze confidence.

Try not to become overwhelmed by the closet decluttering process. Simply get rid of the items that have wear and tear, you never wear, don’t bring you joy and aren’t reflective of your new personal style. Invest in good quality pieces that will last. Then, organise the remaining items on non-slip hangers so you can easily see them. Your messy wardrobe will be transformed into an inspiring space in no time!




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